About Me

I have worked in psychology for more than 25 years, including two decades with the NHS, and now in my own practice. What I have always found powerful, is how a conversation in a compassionate space opens up possibilities for people. People who, before the process began, felt quite differently about themselves and the future. I witnessed this at the start of my career. While I studied for my Psychology Degree and Masters, I worked part time as a counsellor for a charity. The people there were struggling with impossible choices. To see how a conversation enabled them to think their way out of what felt like a cage, was – and still is – rewarding. When someone joins me collaboratively in that conversation, it liberates them. They understand, in a more textured way, why they see the world in the way they do. It is more insightful than the voice they have carried around in their head for most of their life that says, ‘You’re the problem. You’re to blame’. My varied career and life experience have also shown me that you will always have moments of challenge, whoever you are. Stressful situations. Difficult decisions. Painful relationships. Times where you feel stuck and cannot see a way out. But whatever you face now, does not mean that you don’t have influence over how your future looks. To be part of a conversation that gives you a new perspective and new options is – and always will be – a privilege for me. You can find out more about my approach as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist in the section below. If you feel I could support you at this time, please contact me in the way that works best for you. You can call (020) 7357 9403 or email hello@psychologicalperspective.co.uk or use the form on my Contact page.

My approach to therapy is essentially forward-looking and optimistic. I enjoy working collaboratively, and take an active part in sessions, offering feedback, clarification and education around the problem you're facing. Often it helps to go a bit deeper and explore what provides us with purpose, as by helping to understand how we operate in a more meaningful way, we can activate change and facilitate growth. I’m a scientist at heart and will want us to understand:

  • Why did this become a problem? This is important as insight buffers us from repeating patterns through enabling choice.
  • What’s keeping it going now? This includes what you’re doing, what others are doing and what environmental factors might be contributing.
  • The practical steps towards change.
If appropriate I can offer solution focused, time-limited approaches that are effective and economical. There is also the opportunity to  provide longer-term therapy where appropriate, in order to address longerstanding issues. I'm happy to discuss which would be more suitable if you're unsure. To summarise, here are a few key principles that say a lot about my approach: You do not have to have a significant mental health problem to find therapy helpful. To state the obvious, life can be challenging, and we would all benefit from having someone knowledgeable on our side at times. You’re behaving the way you are for reasons that probably made sense years ago, It’s frustrating when we keep repeating unhelpful behaviours, but these strategies often developed so we could manage difficult times in our lives. But now they’re making you feel stuck. Which means therefore, that it’s not your fault that you’re the way you are. There’s zero-judgement here, you’ve probably been doing enough of that for the two of us. However it is your responsibility to fix it, with my help. Being vulnerable can be tough, even overwhelming at times, but it’s necessary. This might sound challenging, and putting ourselves out there can be scary, but it’s the road that takes us to a more purposeful, connected and authentic life. If change was easy, you would have done it yourself already!

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Chartered Psychologist
Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Counselling Psychologist
British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) Accredited CBT Practitioner

Chartered Psychologist status with the British Psychological Society
Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours)

The psychological concept of resilience and how to maximise strength through adversity. We can’t trust life to be fair, so instead let’s equip ourselves with powerful tools to remain resilient.