Client Feedback

identify the root cause


“I had a severe depressive relapse and Kerry has helped me to identify the root cause of these episodes and prevent the onset of depressive behaviours. I am recovering very well as a result of the sessions. Kerry is exceptional at explaining the science and theory behind mental health issues enabling me to really understand and practice coping techniques.”

H 33 Lawyer

tools and self awareness


“The main reason for my email is that I just really want to thank you for all of your help. Thanks to our sessions I had the tools and self-awareness to help myself through what I guess was a form of grief for the life I had pre-COVID. I am forever grateful for having found you as my therapist, and only wish that you were in my new time zone! So, thank you!”

M 33 Web Analytics

the process has transformed the way I think

anxiety & low self esteem

“Kerry really took the time to listen, understand me and my thought process/impacts on me growing up and build a trusting client/therapist relationship. The process has helped me to transform the way I think about relationships, situations in life and fundamentally hold more self-esteem. I found that Kerry has a really high level of expertise for all areas I came to her for and I always felt safe and confident talking about some very emotional and personal topics, and never felt like I wanted to hold anything back, so much so that I’ve also referred a friend who was struggling with his mental health. The impact this has had on managing my anxiety has been invaluable – thank you!”

E 27 Lawyer

refreshingly different

work-related stress

“I had tried CBT for stress and anxiety in the past with mixed results; it’s been a refreshingly different experience with Kerry. I quickly appreciated that Kerry is a skilled and insightful therapist and fantastic at putting you at ease. I value her warmth, intelligence and wisdom. Over time, I have come to understand what has shaped my thinking and found ways to break unhelpful patterns in a lot of different areas of my life, with Kerry’s support. I’ve already referred one friend to her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.”

R 38 Litigator

more problem solving and less 'disasterising'

generalised anxiety disorder

“I was initially referred to Kerry by a psychiatrist having been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) having suffered for the best part of a decade. I had never really heard of ‘talking therapy’ as an option and to be honest would have probably concluded that it wasn’t for me. I was extremely apprehensive ahead of my first meeting, anxiety levels screaming, but I could not have been in a better place. Kerry was extremely reassuring, personable, professional and above all non-judgemental. We met weekly for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions for a number of months. Kerry’s approach to therapy was very much that of a partnership and she was always invested in my progress. CBT is a therapy rooted in science and Kerry was good at explaining the concepts in layman’s terms as well as encouraging me to be curious about how the mind works and to do further reading which supplemented the one-on-one sessions. The legacy of this for me is a practical framework for dealing with everyday situations that used to cause me stress, anxiety and ultimately to feel low. More problem solving and less ‘disasterising’ is very much the way forward.”

J 40+ Tax Specialist

warm, empathetic, patient

anxiety & low self esteem

“I started therapy with Kerry after reaching a crisis point in my life, and being signed off work for five weeks with anxiety, stress and depression. I had suffered with those issues for many years, I was struggling to function, and I didn’t know how to get better. I was eager to start therapy with Kerry, but also nervous; however, I needn’t have been, since I felt completely at ease with Kerry right from our very first session. She made working together easy with her warm, empathetic, patient and practical approach, complemented by a brilliant sense of humour! She helped me to realise that I had developed certain patterns of thought and behaviour which were causing me problems, to understand why and how those had come about, and to learn how to develop new ones. Working with Kerry provided me with the tools and strategies I so desperately needed to help me manage my mental health – and the difference that that has made to my quality of life is invaluable. I now feel confident that I can continue to build on the skills that I learned with Kerry throughout the rest of my life. She has set me on a path which is a lifelong journey to constantly changing, growing and learning, and I know that she’s always there if I need further help in the future. I can honestly say that working with Kerry is one of the best things that I’ve ever done, and I highly recommend it!”

L 32 Digital Media

road to recovery

panic disorder & depression

“I have suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. I have seen multiple therapists and only wish I had found Kerry sooner. When I first met Kerry I was in a really bad place. My anxiety had gotten to a point where there wasn’t a single moment that I wasn’t questioning myself and everything around me, I was having panic attacks almost daily and at times was unable to leave my house for days on end. With Kerry’s help, support and never-ending patience I am very much on the road to recovery. I have started a new career, moved house, and taken on multiple new challenges that I honestly never thought I would have been able to. On the rare occasion that I do have a panic attack, Kerry has given me the tools to ensure that I can handle it and that the after-effects no longer leave me debilitated for days afterwards. I cannot recommend Kerry enough she has gone above and beyond for me and my well-being from the very beginning and her straight forward advice and vast knowledge of her field make my sessions with Kerry so very important to the ongoing maintenance of my mental health.”

S 34 Design

I was able to return to work with her support

work-related stress

“Kerry has been a huge help to me at a very challenging time of my life. I had been suffering with subtle but serious physical manifestations of stress for a prolonged period that finally came to a head when I was signed off work. Her kind and approachable manner, along with direct advice and personable nature, put me at ease and kept me progressing. The time I spent working through the underlying beliefs and rules that subconsciously developed throughout my life have helped me take the right steps towards lasting change. I particularly valued Kerry’s flexibility in arranging sessions at short notice – this was a great comfort and left me feeling the support was there when I needed it most. I was able to return to work with her support and have been more able to set boundaries.”

J 33 Management Consultant

a blueprint for the future

long-term physical health condition with depression

“I have had regular CBT sessions with Kerry over the last 8 months. I wasn’t sure quite sure what to expect, but Kerry made me feel at ease from the very beginning, and we identified and worked through key experiences and thoughts contributing to my mental health challenges. Therapy with Kerry has given me a solid foundation to move forward – as a result, I’m feeling more relaxed, refreshed and comfortable with where I am at. We have also worked on developing a blueprint for the future, to ensure I have a clear plan to maintain my mental wellbeing, including people I can lean on for support and a summary of my key therapy learnings and practice. I have had a very positive experience working with Kerry and have no hesitation in recommending her to others seeking support. It is with thanks that I give Kerry my strongest recommendation.”

R 40 Charitable Sector

separating out cause and effect

generalised anxiety disorder & panic disorder

“I met with Kerry for therapy to address generalised anxiety disorder, but before we began sessions, I’d reached a point where I could no longer leave the house for fear of another panic attack, and was self-medicating with alcohol to maintain a successful City job in technology.

I’d never seen a therapist before and was someone who in life had found it difficult to discuss personal issues. With 40+ years of life history and issues left unaddressed, Kerry worked with me to identify the underlying issues, separating out cause and effect. Through a mixture of CBT and open dialogue I came to understand the roots of the wider life issues I was facing, and with time and guidance from Kerry, have come to resolve many of them.

With regards to the panic, Kerry has taught me how to identify what triggers me and, most importantly, how to react in a calm, methodical manner. Within 3 months of starting therapy, I had stopped having panic attacks as I was able to implement logic and understand what was happening to my body. Through using Kerry’s techniques I’m able to take control of the impending attack and calm myself down. Overall in life I’m also more self-aware, and am practising expressing my needs more, rather than keeping my feelings to myself and pleasing others. I don’t have to be in control and can tolerate feeling vulnerable. I would recommend therapy with Kerry if you want to be challenged, but safe in the knowledge that she’s got the experience and skills to guide you through.”

A 47 Consumer Technology Executive

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln